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Getting back to Normal

Solutions to reopen offices

what we do

We provide new technologies for the new normal.

Spatial Intelligence designed for offices and campuses

Monitor office occupancy levels and stay on top of infectious outbreaks.

Know when conditions are unsafe, and alert employees to work from home.

Assess office real-estate needs in the new normal.


create digital floor plans

We provide GIS tools to create a detailed office floor-plan. Monitor each zone in your office individually and visualize them in dashboards easily.

Track office Occupancy

In a hybrid work environment, we provide a concise view of office occupancy levels and compare it against capacity, and desired levels during the new normal. Stay on top of how many employees are on office or working from home at any time.

Don't spend on hardware

Unlike our competitors, Saferlé does not require additional hardware in your office. Our solution relies on smartphones that employee carry at all times. Avoid upfront investments and get started quickly.

Track office wellness

Allow employees to report, anonymously, if they are working from home due to any form of illness. No details necessary.

STAY ahead of Health risks 

Our analytics platform can detect trends in office wellness and occupancy levels, to alert HR when conditions are unsafe for an open office.

ALERT Employees to WFH

Use our HR portal to alert employees to work from home when conditions are unsafe, and return to office when it is safe.

get started with the right solution for your offices

We support all types of office buildings. Single or multi-storey. Small offices with a single receptionist, or large HQ with security turnstiles.


Getting started

Contact us at the email below to get started. We will send you instructions on how to get your office ready in 2 days.

getting back to normal

Once you are registered, we provide a playbook to keep your office safer through our system. Follow our playbook to return to normal sooner, and safer.


We work on fixed flat-fee per month. Contact us for details at

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Planning to Reopen?

 Get in touch with us.

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