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A simple Process that works for all types of businesses

Register your offices, onboard your employees and begin using this system in less than 2 days -  regardless of  how many addresses you have around the country. We support all types of office buildings.



Set up your corporate account and begin registering your offices. If you have multiple floors on the same address, we consider them as multiple office.


prepare your lobby

We will send you a QR code poster for each office site. Print out the poster and display them at the lobby. Or, you can display in an electronic screen such as an iPad.


Onboard users

Employees will download the saferTrace™ app on their smartphone, and scan the QR code at your lobby. Now they are good to go for tracing.

begin screening

Each person entering the office  will have to display the green screen on their app at the lobby. Infected  and at-risk users will show a red screen and work from home.


Request our playbook to get started.

Thanks for your interest. We will respond shortly.

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